Unemployment Health Insurance Options you may NOT Know!

Caduceus Medical Symbol chromeJust because you are unemployed it should automatically mean that you lose your health insurance option. Losing the monthly paycheck should be hard enough to swallow, but losing your right for health assistance could really make you depressed and frustrated.

There are still many options available for the unemployed individuals when it comes to having health insurance and enjoying its benefits. The first things that you need to do are: learn about what options are available for you; and how to access the coverage even when you are out of work.


Best Money Management Tips for the Unemployed Person

Money-ManagementLosing a job is never a good thing; especially if you have no other job to jump into. Without a job and a steady income, you lose all your savings if you do not have any idea on how to manage your finances. With planning, determination and efficient use of available money, you have the ability to stay afloat for a certain period of time until you are out of the jobless category.

  • Taking stock of available assets should be the first step for you to take. Take an inventory of what you have available and what are going to come (final paycheck, back pays, unemployment benefits, and the likes). Then establish how long those assets can last and what can you immediately convert to cash if needed.


Improving your chances to get a job with plastic surgery

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How far would you go to get your dream job? Hours of study, gaining work experience and networking can get you pretty far, but what role does your physical appearance play in landing your dream job?

Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, it is possible to achieve a flawless and great body with ease. From tummy tucks to facelifts and breast augmentation, there are people who consider the idea of going under the knife for career reasons. As a matter of fact, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery stated that both men and women wanted to remain competitive in their workplace by opting for plastic surgery.

The Growing Number Of Plastic Surgery Patients

In the corporate world, many people invest a lot of money and effort in order to improve their looks through the help of cosmetic surgery. A quarter of male facial surgery patients opted to udnergo this procedure for work related reasons. Among women this number was only ten percent.

Popular procedures among men include the softening of deep wrinkles, eliminating their frown and smoothening their skin. Hair transplants are also becoming more popular, now that various famous actors and sport stars have admitted undergoing a hair restoration procedure.

The Pro´s and Con´s

Research has shown that looks can affect the career of a man or woman in a positive manner. However, it has to be noted that cosmetic surgery has a list of advantages and disadvantages. One of the major benefits of this procedure is the increased self-confidence which greatly affects the productivity of a person. If someone is confident about their looks, it reflects in their actions and language. For instance, a good looking boss is said to possess higher persuasiveness and credibility. Experts say that cosmetic or reconstructive procedure can help in improving the outlook towards life of a person. When a career woman or man is satisfied and confident with their looks, it brings positive changes in their community life.

On the other hand, one of the disadvantages of this surgery is the fact that it is expensive. In fact, there are career-oriented people who rely on loans just to have a nose job or hair transplants. Patients who have just undergone a cosmetic surgery may feel various forms of discomfort or pain. In addition, it can be a cause of depression just in case the procedure failed. There have been reports which state various cosmetic surgery failures. In case this happens, it might hard for a professional cosmetic surgery to undo what has been done. In this connection, it is very important to ask the help of certified and professional cosmetic surgeons to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

A Final Thought

You are probably wondering if plastic surgery is safe for you. Although this type of procedure offers a lot of benefits, you have to keep in mind that it also has its pitfalls. These beauty treatments cannot promise you of lifetime protection. Yes cosmetic surgery can delay or erase signs of aging, however, excessive operations may lead to abnormal or unnatural looks. Always remember the importance of hiring a professional cosmetic surgeon to do the job. It requires professional skills for someone to do such beauty treatments or procedures.

Two Solid Careers: Dental Hygienist and Lasik Eye Surgery Assistant

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Being healthy is at the forefront of most peoples lives these days. People want to be healthy for two reasons. The first being the obvious reason, you can live longer. Life is short, everyone wants to live as long as possible. A correct balance of food and diet is required to live healthy and everyone knows that. The hard part is keeping the discipline to exercise, eat healthy, and avoid things like smoking that are detrimental to one’s health. The second reason people want to be healthy is for appearance. A person who keeps themselves healthy and in-shape will have a more attractive body as well as a better overall appearance. Skin tone and other factors will be better on someone who is healthy.

With the focus on a healthy appearance at the forefront in America, it brings on a higher demand for all types of medical professions. Two of the professions that are in high demand and needed in the industry are dental hygienists and laser eye surgery assistants. Both of these jobs are supporting roles to large growing medical industries that also have a solid base in both actual health related fields and cosmetic fields. Additionally, as companies work to lower expenses relying more on high trained assistants vs more surgeons, this brings on a higher demand for both dental hygienists and lasik eye surgery assistants.

Every dental office has one or multiple dental hygienist. In general a dental hygienist’s role is to assist the dentist, surgeon or orthodontist in the office. Specific roles of a dental hygienist can include cleaning teeth of a patient, assisting in cavities, taking x rays, mouth guard molds and much more. A dental hygienist can expect to make around $40,000 to $70,000 a year depending on experience, office type and location. The more training the more one can expect to make.

A laser eye surgery assistant has many roles in an eye correction facility. A laser eye assistant does just that, assists the laser eye surgery doctor. They are responsible for prepping the patient, handing the surgeon tools during the surgery, calibrating the medical machinery and cleaning up. A laser eye assistant must go through training to learn everything they need to know. Many offices require certification. A laser eye surgery assistant can expect to earn $35,000-55,000 depending on experience, roles within the company, type of operation (private or public) and of course experience.

These two jobs are just two of the many jobs available today in the medical field. Both of these jobs are great examples because they continue to grow and solidify themselves in two industries that will here for a long time. Additionally, both jobs do not have a high barrier of entry unlike many professions in the medical field. It could be a good idea to go to a dental technical school, start as a dental hygienist, gain experience and if you like take a shot at becoming a licensed dentist. Who knows you may even own or operate your own dentist office one day!

Top Ways to Make Money Online

These days, the Internet is not only a source of information, but also a source of income. Many businessmen capitalize on the worldwide reach of the web to capture as many potential clients as they can. Home-based individuals are looking for ways on how they can earn using their desktop and Internet access. On the other hand, some people who have full-time jobs try to search for ways to have passive income online and augment their earnings.

The Internet could provide the best possible ways for you to earn passive income. Passive income is your source of earning without doing much work. For instance, if you have a regular office job, that is your source of active income. On the other hand, if you buy a property for rent, or trade binary options that could be your source of passive income. You need not invest too much just to have a passive income, because the Internet may already offer some for you.

Learn to Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means you have to partner with an entrepreneur or company online to sell their product or service. This may require you to have your own niche site. For instance, if you love gadgets you can have a tech website and you can tie up with an app developer. It takes a while to learn this and earn decent profit, but it sure is very fulfilling. You can also create a blog site and focus on a niche market to start your affiliate marketing plans.

Get Paid to Answer Surveys and Join Focus Groups

Some websites offer payment by simply answering surveys. You can also earn extra money by joining focus groups. Companies build focus groups that test a product prior to being launched in the market. These two ways may not earn as good as the others, but they are still worth the time. They may not also be considered passive income because you still exert effort.

Trade Binary Options, Shares and Stocks

You might be surprised to know that there are a number of fantastic Austalian websites, such as http://traderush.net.au/, that can teach you how to trade binary options and make money trading stocks and share. This is a booming industry and well-worth looking into further.

Sell Goods on Third Party Sites

You don’t have to manage your own website just to sell stuff. You can be a re-seller, or if you have unique items, join online retail giants that have huge following. Online shopping is a rapidly growing trend, and it’s high time to make full advantage of it and earn extra cash.

As you search the web for top tips to earn online, you will be overwhelmed with a lot of choices, but these three are simple yet honest enough to give you earnings.

Tips For Successful Career Planning

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Planning your career is not a once in a life time activity that you only think about in high school or college and then forget about. Since most workers are likely to change jobs numerous times in their lifetime, career planning should be done on a regular basis .

It is never too late to start. When looking for a job, you should research each occupation and industry you are considering working in. Is the industry you are interested in growing or declining? How well do the jobs in this industry pay? You may be surprised. For example, in the case of chiropractic, you would discover that not only is this a growing industry but also that chiropractic salaries are much higher than you thought.

Career planning should never be regarded as time wasting or stressful but rather rewarding and positive. As the world is developing faster than ever, everyone is looking for new and creative ways to get things done in business so it is especially important that you continue to learn new skills and boost your knowledge. Find out if there are any changes on the horizon and if they are going to be positive or negative.

If you are lazy and don’t develop your skills, you will become obsolete and unmarketable in a few years time. This is especially true if you are over 40 years old and lack many skills required in today’s rapidly changing environment. If you think your current skills are not sufficient enough to meet your current job, you should start making plans on taking short courses to boost your skills and knowledge.

Other than upgrading your skills, you should also have a road map to guide you on your journey. If you don’t take charge of your career, you will most likely ends up in painful, dead-end jobs, feeling trapped, stressed and frustrated because you didn’t take charge of your career. Research show those who set goals are more happy and successful than those who don’t. Remember the world doesn’t owe you a living, you have to make it happen!

Stop dreaming and start writing down your own short-term goals and long-term goals and stay focused on it. The short-term goals are what you could achieve in the coming months while the longer-term goals are what can be achieved over the next few years. After you have written down your career goals, you should start continuously reviewing and adjusting them as your career plans progress or change. You should continue to develop new goals after you have achieved your previous ones.

The most important thing is you must love your job. If you hate your job, it may be time to seriously consider a career change. Be prepared by updating your CV regularly. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. Be ready to market yourself to others. Your attitude should be warm, caring, enthusiastic and positive when expressing yourself to other people as it will be your biggest career asset. Take a risk! Take action! Change things!

Construction Management – What Every Handyman Should Know

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For every construction project manager, it is very important to thorough when it comes to everything that there is to know about proper building construction. The project manager, or PM, makes it his/her responsibility to make sure that the construction proceeds smoothly until it is finished. The PM is there, every step of the way, and more importantly, he/she makes decisions that is based on his/her responsibility and knowledge as a construction project manager.

The opportunity to become a construction project manager is, in fact, numerous. Even if you are not a proud graduate from some engineering school, but instead, you are someone who knows how to handle tools efficiently, then you’re already qualified to become a construction project manager.

When it comes to compensation, salaries for the construction workforce are at an all time high. The good rates particularly go to those who are into house remodeling and fixing water heaters. House remodeling is a big task; you’ll obviously have to work with a team. The same goes for fixing a leaking water heaters, since the machine can be installed within several rooms all over the house. You have to very good in fixing the machine, but the payment that comes after is something to look forward to!

Water Heater

If you feel that you can’t hand the life of a handyman, then don’t worry. It’s not as terrifying and as serious as you think. Take the time to learn all the necessary skills in order to become a great construction project manager.


Planning the Work

Before the carpenters and staff start hammering nails and pounding steel within the construction site, the construction project manager should first plan the work that he/she and the crew will work on. The PM looks over the proposed project and should think of a plan as to how the work will be performed. The PM is also responsible for estimating the costs, which is, perhaps, one of the most important factors during construction. After all, this will determine the price at which the construction project manager’s company will bid it’s services.

The construction project manager should also decide on a delivery schedule in order to create a road map in which the construction team must use in order to finish the construction in a timely and orderly manner.


Provide Direction and Leadership

As the construction project manager, all decisions regarding the construction of a building rests on your capable shoulders. In short, you are the boss. Not only that, the PM also makes sure to supervise the entire construction crew, thus he/she has to coordinate and direct the effort of the construction workers. The PM is also responsible for hiring new construction workers, and disciplining or even firing those who are not working as hard as the other workers.

A construction project manager is, indeed, the most important person during the construction of an office or building. As you consider your next project, make sure you hire a construction company who understands the importance of a project management.

Top Careers in the Health and Beauty Industry

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They say that a career is different from a job. A career is something that you do out of passion aside from reaping monetary rewards. On the other hand, a job is something you do because you have to, even if it is less fulfilling. If you are a beauty enthusiast, you can turn your passion into a lucrative work. These days the health and beauty industry offers fulfilling careers since modern men and women strive to become healthier and better looking. These are the top careers in this field:


An esthetician is a trained specialist who provides skincare treatments such as facials, waxing, peeling and many others. They should undergo necessary training to perform an excellent job. Since there are many different beauty centers these days, they also gain more work opportunities. In fact, these are in demand jobs now that people are getting more conscious of their looks, and men are not excluded in the list. If you do your job well, you can have regular clients.


Career in hairdressing is also in demand these days. Modern men are not confined to having their hair cut by a barber. Guys are more experimental these days, trying out new styles and funkier look, rather than the conventional haircut. Like an esthetician, if you are good enough to do the style a client wants, you can earn loyal customers who will look for you each time they visit the salon where you work.

Make-up Artist

Modern make-up artists are true to their title. They are true blue artists who are just creative enough to achieve such an impressive look whenever they do make-up. Celebrities have their favorite make-up artists who just do magic in their faces, making them look differently according to their role or the occasion. Being a make-up artist involves talent, because you need to have the eye for the right look that suits facial features. If you think you have what it takes to become successful in this kind of job, you can acquire training from experts, or start watching tutorials online. You can also try to be an apprentice at first, to gain some experience.

Australian Leading The World In Construction Industry Safety Training

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Whether you are a veteran to construction work or a newcomer to the industry, if you plan to work in construction in Australia you are required to have a white card to perform your duties. In case you are not familiar with this mandate, I have put together a guide to the construction safety induction course (white card) in Australia.

Who Needs a White Card?

Anyone who is working in the field of construction is required to have a valid white card. Some of the sub-categories that fall under the general definition of construction include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Building a new structure
  • Demolishing an existing structure
  • Renovating an existing structure
  • Repairing or maintaining a building
  • Retrofitting or refurbishing a structure

How Much Does a White Card Cost?

The cost involved with obtaining a white card can vary depending on where you complete your training. There are a variety of different construction safety induction courses you can take, and price may vary between the different entities offering the course. You can find out more detailed information on the cost of white card courses here on the White Cards Australia website.

Additionally, you can also take specialty courses and receive a license for specific types of work within the construction industry. For example, you can hold a license specifically designed for demolition or asbestos management in addition to your white card.

Remember, the price of the actual card is separate from the course you have to take in order to receive certification.

Does My White Card Expire?

Once you have passed the required training for your white card, it becomes permanent and has no expiration date. However, some individual construction companies may require you to take a periodic course to refresh your skills or learn new ones. This is not a countrywide requirement and is instead dictated by company-specific policies.

Where Can I Use My White Card?

Your white card is valid and has to be accepted at construction sites all throughout Australia. This means that you no longer have to carry a different card depending on in which part of the country you are working.

What if I Have a Blue Card?

If you have previously passed the training for and received a blue card for entrance to and performing work on a construction site, it remains valid and does not have to be replaced with the white card. This is a boon for people who have worked in the construction industry for years by saving them the time and expense of getting a white card.

Why is a White Card Required?

The government implemented a requirement for a construction safety induction course (white card) in Australia in order to improve the overall safety of the workplace. Having individuals who are aware of the safety regulations in place and who have also been trained in the correct way to perform their responsibilities has been proven to reduce the number of workplace accidents.

Consequently, fewer accidents means a healthier, happier work crew, less money paid out on accident claims, and lower insurance premiums. Requiring construction workers to carry a white card is an important way to ensure the safety of workers and the success of the company!

How to become a police officer

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Every state needs police officers, and this type of career is very secure in terms of your job and the salary you will earn. Police officers will need to provide safety and security in the local communities. Sometimes, police officers will also help at entertainment or sport events as well as different criminal investigations, all depending on which case and police section you are placed in. Each police officer will go through the same training, but can be put on different cases once you are on the field. Some of the cases can be murder to robbery, and your case selection will be given to you by your supervisor.

To become a police officer you will need to meet some requirements, to ensure that you meet the department’s rules and regulations and that there will be no problems later on. Some of the starting requirements to become a police officer are;

1. Candidate has to be a United States Citizen
2. Candidate needs to be 20 years of age
3. Candidate will need to pass a physical fitness test
4. Candidate will need to pass a written examination
5. Have a High School Diploma or GED
6. College Degree (this will help your career opportunity)

It is important to understand that although a college degree is not needed to join the police academy it will play in your favor in the end. Some states will require that the police officer in training has obtained a bachelor’s degree or even an associate’s degree. Once you have passed the above requirements, you will also go through a criminal history check, different service examinations, pass an interview, and lastly complete a police academy training course. At the training academy, you will be learn different subjects such as;

• Policing Tactics
• Police Ethics
• Use and Care for Firearms
• Crime Scene Processing

The training academy normally lasts from 12 to 14 weeks, depending on the state and the department. All state and local police departments train at the departments, however smaller departments will recruit their officers to a state academy. Some of the departments make the trainees carry out secretarial work, for one to two years, until the trainee can be hired as a full time police officer. This is to make sure that you have enough hours in the police department to become a street police officer and handle cases.

Once you qualify for a police officer career, you will need to send your resume to all the police departments, and wait for a reply, or alternatively you may join a recruitment agency to help you find that perfect police career. You may also apply to become a volunteer police officer and get the needed hours, this will help you to have experience behind your name. You will also be put on a probation period, this can vary depending on the experience you have. Becoming a police officer will have its pros and cons, just make sure you put your all in, and make sure this is exactly what you want to do.

How To Get Into SWAT Shape

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Learning how to to become a SWAT Team memberis not an easy task, you need to be physically fit and have a good diet plan to ensure that you are always ready for your work at hand. This training can be done in the office hours as well as the off days, this means you need to work at all times on your physical fitness.

The physical strength training will include push ups, pull-ups and carrying weighted dummies to certain points. You will also be required to endure other physical strength training such as bent-over rows, biceps curls, pull-downs, lunges and squats. This is all for the core fitness. Other training includes, the assault dash, which is where the candidate will wear 18 pound body armor, a helmet and carry a heavy rifle while sprinting about 40 yards.

Another physical training tactic is where you will be required to take part in obstacle course. Here you will work on three marks, 220 yards, 440 yards and a 660 yard mark, and will require you to run and carry different objects. These obstacles can be running with a heavy weight doll or carrying different objects that weigh different amounts. The other training tactics will be target shooting, but this is not a physical fitness training option. The training program will last a total of five weeks, and from there you will train with your gym or by yourself.

Another workout requirement is your nutrition, here you will need to eat right and according to a certain diet plan to ensure that you are eating right according to your fitness plan. You will be required to have five or more servings of vegetables, especially vegetables that you do not eat very often. You need to have six meals a day, three smaller meals and snacks in between. And lastly, eight glasses of water a day, to ensure that you are hydrated and ready for fitness.

This diet plan is not very difficult, and does not require a lot of work from your side. You need to stick to the important parts, like the six meals a day and lots of water, this helps to keep your body functioning when you start the hectic training that your body is not used to. The water is not only to ensure that you are hydrated, but also to keep your body full, as sometimes you will snack because you feel hungry and you are not really hungry at all! This is why it is important to only have the three meals and three snacks, as your body will have all the nutrition it needs.

Each program will require lots of dedication and you will need to work with your diet to ensure that you are dedicated to not only the training but to the eating right as well! This will be difficult, and you will probably be in pain for the first week or two, but in the end it will be well worth it, and you will be extremely fit!

Nursing Careers – Choose a Job with Real Prospects

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The medical sector, particularly nursing careers, now offers many options for those interested in becoming qualified professionals. If you are inclined to spend your days in a large hospital setting, you could work in any number of specialties including: neonatology, neurosurgical, infectious disease, or emergency care and trauma. For those looking for employment in a private practice setting – pediatric, occupational, and geriatric nursing are just a few specialty areas. There are literally dozens of nursing specialties that offer something for everyone.

As a nurse for over ten years, I have found nursing be one of the most rewarding and lucrative careers with great prospects and opportunity for further education and training. More and more young adults are entering the field due to rising need for medical professionals. There are jobs aplenty in nursing, and that is reassuring to new graduates.

Nursing has been a successful career choice for decades. This means the number of ageing nurses is growing, freeing up opportunities for recent graduates to fill the positions. In some of the specialty areas, there are growth prospects reaching 20-30%. This fact is good news for new nurses. In an economy where jobs are scarce, nursing offers students the freedom to get high paying jobs right out of university.

Varied Career Paths

As with many occupations, the more training you get, the more you will be paid. The same is true for nursing. Nursing careers aren’t limited to people with high levels of education – anyone can get started even with just basic high school education. Licensed practical nurses spend less time in school and are, therefore, paid less and have fewer work opportunities. Registered nurses, on the other hand, receive a higher degree. This means more time and money to go to the school, but the outcome means larger salaries and more career growth.

Becoming a registered nurse also allows you to have a varied career path. You can specialize in one area or spend time in many areas. As your tastes change or new areas of technology become popular, you can switch careers with ease. Further training and specialization is the key to greater earning potential. So becoming a registered nurse is a great idea for those looking for a high salary right out of training.

There are many great medical career salary sites online where you can quickly compare the range and diversity of nurse salaries available. Nurse Salary Guide.net is one where you can see all the salary data laid out clearly, enabling you to make informed career choices in the medical field. They cover different nurse types such as LPN, Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses.

For lower entry level nursing careers and a great way to get started without post secondary education qualifications – a career as a Medical Assistant could be a good opportunity. For detailed salary information for a Medical Assistant this site is a good resource.

Growth in the medical industry means nursing will maintain a stronghold as a top career choice. As an experienced nurse, I have never seen a downward fluctuation in the nursing job market, only growth. For the effort students put forth to further their career, nothing rewards more heavily than nursing.

Other than being financially fulfilling, nursing also has a high job satisfaction rate. Benefits, potential for promotion, and work conditions are some of the reasons for this. Much of the job satisfaction also comes with the culture of the workplace and the type of work being done. Helping others and being a patient advocate is a perfect way to spend your day. It’s a laudable career for good communicators and passionate people who also want to make money. With a wide variety of specialist careers and various entry level requirements, it can be a career path open to all.

How Important Are Formal Qualifications To Become A Paralegal?

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The paralegal profession in the United States is an unregulated one, which means that there are no prerequisites to have specific formal qualifications in order to be employed in this role. Many paralegals will simply get a job just by having some relevant legal work experience in this field.

But the competition among aspiring paralegals entering the marketplace and those with existing experience is strong, and having a recognized qualification will give a job seeker a much better advantage than a job seeker that doesn’t have it.

On top of having the right qualifications, there are also a number of additional requirements to consider when researching how to become a paralegal; read this article for a comprehensive overview of what those requirements are, plus some excellent tips and resources to help job searchers get a leading advantage.

What Is The Best Paralegal Qualification?

The best qualification a job seeker can have is to become a Certified Paralegal. This is the prestigious title given to paralegals that have completed the CP Exam (Certified Paralegal Exam). A person who possesses this qualification is not to be confused with a person who is a Certificated Paralegal, which is a lower qualification.

The distinction between the two is detailed, but the key difference between the two qualifications is that a Certified Paralegal must sit through a rigorous exam process, whereas a Certificated Paralegal is not required to do this.

To be able to take the exam it a requirement to have the minimum accepted level of education from an approved paralegal program, which can include either of the following: 1) A program approved by the American Bar Association; 2) A Bachelor’s Degree in paralegal studies; 3) An Associate’s degree in paralegal studies; 4) A post-baccalaureate certificate in paralegal studies; and 5) A paralegal program with the minimum semester hours.

How Long Do Paralegal Qualifications Take?

This will depend on which education path is chosen, for example; a Bachelor of Legal Studies will require a minimum of 3-4 years of study, whereas an approved paralegal program with a combination of relevant work experience will be much quicker to complete. In either instance, the Certified Paralegal Exam will be the final step to gaining the prestigious Certified Paralegal title.

Most people will be interested in improving their chances of gaining higher pay as a paralegal, and for this reason programs approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) are very popular and the most highly recommended. These programs can be completed via many education providers in the United States.

Job seekers who complete a program approved by the ABA put themselves in a more advantageous position, because the ABA approval is highly recognized by law firms. But having said that, it is still quite possible to gain employment as a paralegal by completing a program that is not approved by the ABA.

To get accepted into an ABA approved program and study to become a Certified Paralegal the minimum requirement will be the completion of an Associate’s degree or a high school diploma with a number of years of paralegal work experience.

How to find the best portable generator

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When deciding on a portable generator, you will need to think about the uses for the generator as well as how much you are willing to spend. Portable generators can cost anything from cost $500 to $1,500 depending on the power production you are wanting. You will need to walk through your house or office space and determine the amount of wattage you will need in total, then you will be able to determine whether you will need a medium, large or extra-large portable generator.

The medium generator is normally 5500 Watts and can power up your fridge, fans and other electrical equipment. The large generator will range from 6000 – 9000 Watts and you will be able to run a number of rooms in your house, this can be used for larger electrical equipment, however it will take more petrol or diesel to fuel up and keep running. Lastly, the extra-large generator is 10 000 Watts and over. This is more for office usage and to power up larger houses with air-conditioning.

The best reliable portable generator would be the medium size generator as you will be able to power up lights as well as some smaller electric appliances. This type of generator will power-up itself once the electricity has gone off, all depending on the make or model of the portable generator. You will be able to choose from many different makes when it comes to medium size portable generators, and one of the most well-known brands is the Briggs and Stratton portable generator. This brand is well-known and is used in the majority of homes due to the reliability and the quality of the make.

You will need to look at the following factors before you purchase your portable generator;

• The noise level of the generator
• The price range of the portable generators
• The amount of fuel it will take to power the generator
• The accessories available
• The warranty and the repair options available
• Additional features of the portable generators
• The power out and generation information

This information will help you to find the best portable generator, as you will be able to find a generator that has the right price, is reliable in make and the quality of the generator is right.

The price of the generators will range depending on where you purchase your generator. This will also depend on whether or not you will have warranty of the portable generator. If you purchase a generator online, you might not always receive a warranty and repair option, due to the fact that you are either purchasing the generator online with a second hand site, or from a personal sale. The starting price of any generator is anywhere from $850 upwards, all depending on the make and model of the generator.

Once you have decided on the above information, it is always a good idea to go into a hardware store or a generator store and ask for assistance from the store assistants. This will help you to purchase the perfect portable generator for whatever your need.

Working as a firefighter at an airport vs working for the city

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Each firefighting course will allow you to choose which firefighting field you would prefer to work in. This can be in the city, at an airport or wild land firefighting, all depending on you. In this article, we will weigh up the pros and cons for working as a firefighter in the city and as a firefighter at an airport.

Firefighters in the city have the following job description;

• Prevent fire damage in and around the city
• Follow up any inspections
• Testing of fire hydrants as well as the repairs
• Responding to fire alarms
• Testing fire equipment on a daily basis
• Complete reports and other paperwork
• Maintain and help to keep the fire station grounds

You will need to handle different disasters such as hurricanes or even terrorist attacks, this will all depend on the fire department you work at. The average salary of a city fire fighter is around $33,000, and you will also receive benefits such as; life insurance, sick leave, vacation leave, retirement fund as well as education incentive pay. This will all depend on each fire department, as well as the amount of time you have been employed. The city firefighter will normally work 8 24-hour shifts a month, and then will receive 5 days per a week. This worked out on a monthly schedule for each firefighter.

Comparing this to the airport firefighter, in this field you will need to do the following;
• Response to all hazardous and evacuation of all the passengers
• Respond to any threats to the airport
• Extinguish any aircrafts or airport buildings

With this certain field you will earn an average of $37,000 as well as different benefits such as; sick leave, life insurance, retirement fund which is the exact same as the city firefighting position. With this career you will also be expected to work shifts, which will include night shifts as well as weekends or holidays. Due to the fact that this is a very important type of career, you will be on call in case any disasters arise. You will however receive leave in between, this will be told when you are given your shift list.

Both of these fields are considered very dangerous and will have many benefits after your dedication is shown. Each career field have similar working conditions, and will need to work in dangerous situations majority of the time. You will need to study at the same school for each field, the only difference is that you will need to study further when you become an airport firefighter, as they firefighters use special equipment when extinguishing the airport fires.

The only difference is that when you are an airport firefighter, you will be expected to work in different airports, and you will work with the airplanes as well. When you work with as a city firefighter, you will need to work with the different communities as well as the city buildings. In the end, the only difference will be which field you prefer and which field you have decided to follow.