Unemployment Health Insurance Options you may NOT Know!

Caduceus Medical Symbol chromeJust because you are unemployed it should automatically mean that you lose your health insurance option. Losing the monthly paycheck should be hard enough to swallow, but losing your right for health assistance could really make you depressed and frustrated.

There are still many options available for the unemployed individuals when it comes to having health insurance and enjoying its benefits. The first things that you need to do are: learn about what options are available for you; and how to access the coverage even when you are out of work.


Best Money Management Tips for the Unemployed Person

Money-ManagementLosing a job is never a good thing; especially if you have no other job to jump into. Without a job and a steady income, you lose all your savings if you do not have any idea on how to manage your finances. With planning, determination and efficient use of available money, you have the ability to stay afloat for a certain period of time until you are out of the jobless category.

  • Taking stock of available assets should be the first step for you to take. Take an inventory of what you have available and what are going to come (final paycheck, back pays, unemployment benefits, and the likes). Then establish how long those assets can last and what can you immediately convert to cash if needed.


All you need is a little imagination to satisfy your own interests

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There are many career opportunities. It is not always the road best established that we will cover in our lives. All you need is a little ‘imagination to satisfy your own interests.

I want to provide a simple example. Recently I became friends with a guy. He graduated in architecture but has decided to drop everything and become a ski instructor.

Of course, he has always had a passion for the cold and snow. As a kid, his parents took him to ski all winter in Vail in Colorado. Here he learned to ski perfectly and has cultivated a passion for this sport. His talent was evident from an early age, but of course you try to start growing at a more traditional career.

When it was time to choose a university he decided to follow a difficult career path, requiring a lot of study and dedication: Architecture. Being an architect is without doubt a great job, creative and fun, that allows you to earn good money, but apparently it was not the fate of my friend. A couple of years ago, he went on holiday in Italy, he met a beautiful local girl and decided immediately to move to live there.

ski slope at nightHe left his job as an architect, he left his home, his family and his friends and began a new life completely different from his previous one. Starting all over again is not easy, but for my friend it was a real triumph. He had the opportunity to know many people who have the same passion for skiing. He moved to live in one of the most beautiful ski towns in Italy: Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Here together with the girl he had met, who has now become his wife, he opened a sports shop offering ski rental for tourists, trekking equipment and batteries for night hiking. During the winter he is a ski instructor at a local school.

He tells me he is very happy now. His loves his work because he can always afford to stay in the open air, in contact with the snow and with nature that he loves so much. He tells me that the experience is more exciting and he mentions how fun it is to get off the ski slope at night, completely alone, in the company of a single torch to light the way to go.

“It’s exciting to hear the silence of the forest, the cold air that surrounds you on your face, feel the compacted snow under your feet and get carried away by all these emotions until you get to the valley”

I look at him and understand his emotions and his happiness are sincere.

We should all be so confident and resourceful to follow our desires. Sometimes true happiness comes from a well-paid job, but other times it comes from the simplicity, that he understood, that you had built something completely by yourself. Being happy with your choice and your work allows you to make a good life and to wake up every morning with the desire to do and act.

Amidst Tough Competition, Fresh Employees Need to Relieve Stress and Sleep Well

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In recent years, the competition has increased, and it’s quite hard to find a job. With the recession, global economic turmoil and the real estate bubble, companies have been laying off more employees than hiring new ones. I was the fortunate one to get a good job when I graduated. It was just a couple of years ago. However, not everyone is that lucky. My friend Dave wasn’t able to find one until last month.

For two years, he had been shifting from one job to another. Each one had its own flaws, and didn’t even pay good. Though Dave was in my class, I had lost touch. The increasing pressure at the workplace didn’t really allow me to have a social life. However, there I was waiting for my Pizza at the corner of the street, and Dave walked right past me. We caught up and what he told me was enlightening.

Dave finally got a good job about a month back. But the last couple of years were completely discouraging for him. The competition in the industry, lack of good opportunities and inability to find a good job had made him stressed. He even decided to visit a clinical therapist, but dropped the idea. Dave looked for some information online, and found two things that could help him relieve his stress. In this post, I have talked about these two things to make sure you can benefit from the same.

Meditate Regularly

Dave worked out regularly to stay in shape. However, it took him long to realize that his brain also need a regular dose of healthy workout. He talked to his fitness instructor, and looked for some meditation techniques online. He started with a 15 minute session in the morning, and increased it to 30 minutes when he started feeling more relaxed.

Dave told me that meditating on a regular basis was the best thing he could do to relieve stress. He thinks it’s the most convenient, quick and easiest way to relieve your stress, and helps you feel fresh, energetic and relaxed. However, this wasn’t the only thing Dave focused on to give his 100% at work, and fight off stressful times. If you want to know more about some meditation techniques, check this website.

Good Night’s Sleep

Dave also told me that unnecessary stress and burden may lead to lack of sleep. In fact, he used to spend hours thinking how he would make something of his life. Making his problem worse was his snoring habit. Dave consulted his doctor, who recommended anti snoring devices.

Dave bought an anti snoring device online, and started using it regularly. After the first couple of nights, he was used to them, and slept for hours without experiencing any problems or waking up in the middle of the night.

We shared the dorm room in a semester, and he knew I had the same problem. He recommended a device. Since then, I haven’t woken up a single time in the middle of my sleep. The best part is that you can easily go online to buy anti snoring devices, or get more info here.

Do or Dye: A Guide to Your Barber Career

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There are a lot of factors to consider when you want to be in the Barbershop Business or just by simply being a successful barber. As a barber, you are considered as the life of the barbershop.

Creating your niche in this business and being a successful barber requires a more in depth understanding of the business skills that you can acquire by enrolling in barber schools like those listed here, as well as your clientele, style and services to offer.

Here is a simple guide for you in your pursuit in becoming the top cut barber:

Know your hair cutting style

Know and understand your style in cutting hair. There are a lot of clients who would demand and ask for a hairdo or hairstyle that will suit their personality and profession. A young professional who is always on the go would want a hairstyle that is easy to manage. There are people who would prefer a more serious look, a hairdo that would make them feel good and respectable. Having some styles up on your sleeves wouldn’t hurt; this would instead lead you to more satisfied clients and a name in the hair cutting industry. Remember that keeping your clients happy will lead to your ultimate success. Aside from the hair styles that you know, you would also want to be identified with other things like the fastest barber or most creative barber in the shop. Whatever it is, creating a brand that people will remember is a key factor in being one of the best.

Know your clientele

This is connected to guide number 1 as you need to consider the hair style a client would require. However, as you grow in this career, you would realize that as you get more and more clients and knowing the top or most sought after hair style, it builds your credibility. Observe the flow of your customers. Keep in mind the following – age range of your clients, the day they visit the barbershop, the styles that they want, how satisfied they are when they see your masterpiece and most importantly seeing your customers come back and be your regular customers. This is truly important since your customers will help you understand your own style and eventually build your name. Make sure you also have a barbershop that's appropriate for your clients.

Own quality tools and hair supplies

Buy quality hair cutting tools and hair supplies. Researching on the net or seeking assistance from other barbers will help you recognize and see the value of each item. For instance, different hair treatment products will depend on each customer, knowing what to use and what will best work with their hair condition will make you look as an expert. Remember this; you do not just cut hair, but should also be viewed as a grooming consultant or expert.

Know how to maintain and attract customers

As the saying goes, maintaining current customers is as difficult as attracting new ones. It is also your job to create and propose strategies on how to keep you customers and to bring them in the doorstep. Do not be limited to just cutting hair, it will also pay big if you have some promotional strategies in place to keep and attract customers. 

Work In One Of The Fastest Growing Industries – The Sports Supplement Market

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I recently got involved with a brand new job, which is is not only fun and exciting to do, but it also pays quite well. It is a relatively untapped market, and if you are smart about how you approach it, then you might just be able to leap on board and start making some good money from it as well.

My cousin Steve owns a popular health and fitness store that sells nutrition and body building supplements from all of the world’s leading manufacturers and brands. He told me about a new supplement affiliate program that allows you to sell these products and make a handsome commission from them.

It sounded all fine and well to me, but i didn’t even have the slightest idea of what these supplement products were about. Steve told me that the sports nutrition and supplement market is huge and that bodybuilders are on the constant look out for the best pre-workout supplements such as these or the best creatine supplements like these ones.

Steve told that these nutrition supplement brands pay really good commissions to individuals who market and sell their products – whether it be online or directly to people. Steve said that the sky is the limit in terms of how much you can make – you just need to be prepared to put in some leg work and get the products moving.

Products like these sell on famous sites such as ClickBank and there is always a good supply of products on offer to sell and promote. The best target market are health and fitness fanatics, especially people that use sports supplements in order to build muscles.

Basically these products are consumed orally before and after a workout and they assist the body in building muscle mass. Probably the most famous of all sports supplements is Creatine, which I now use myself and can openly say that it works very well.

Many people that train with weights really like creatine because it allows for the rapid absorption of amino acids into the muscle fibers which is what gives them their big appearance. It also works rather well in providing additional strength and energy to lift more weights.

Some weight trainers also will take a pre-workout supplement that contains nitric oxide, and this also helps give the body a much needed burst of energy in order to lift harder and heavier at the gymnasium.

Selling these products is really easy if you can get them in front of the right audience, and usually the best places to try and sell them is at the gym itself! Just chat with all of the locals and tell them that you have a website or a contact that sells some of the highest quality body building supplements available.

It might also be in your best interests to set up a basic ecommerce website that will allow people to go online and place an order. It doesn’t need to be anything elaborate or complicated, and you can even use Paypal on it so customers are able to checkout and make a payment using their Paypal account.

Making the Most Out of Your Truck Driving Career

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So you finally got your CDL license after training and you’re very convinced that truck driving is the right career for you. What’s next? Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your truck driving career:

Find a company to work for and learn as much as you can

There are companies that hire truck driving students or newbies as interns where they can partner up with experienced drivers for a few months to learn the ropes. When you get hired and you’re in this kind of training, learn as much as you can from the experts. More often than not, they have more to teach you that just the roads to your destination.

Don’t rush being on your own

Whether it’s driving a truck on your own or buying your own truck, you should never rush a decision like this. Truck driving is challenging and you will need years of experience before you can tell yourself you can be on your own. If eventually, your aim is to buy your own truck and put up your own trucking company, you’ll need your start-up years to learn everything about trucking. This is your best opportunity to explore and to understand how things go in this industry.

Take care of yourself and sleep as much as you can

Driving a truck requires a lot of physical effort because, well, it’s a truck you’re driving. It’s not a motorcycle where the only thing you’re carrying is a handsome safety helmet, it’s a big truck with a lot of wheels that require a different kind of road navigation. You need all the energy to drive it safely so you need to sleep as much as you can to feel rested, eat healthy and keep fit by exercising. Never drive when you’re sleepy or you’re too tired. Don’t rely on energy drinks of coffee for your safety. You’ll end up feeling even more tired after a couple of hours and you’ll be less productive and more of a risk on the safety of others on the road.

Know what to do when you get lost

Even the most experienced drivers get lost on the road every now and then. As a professional truck driver, you should know how to handle this kind of situation without blowing your horns off. If you get lost, stay calm and in control. If you panic, you’ll get into more trouble. Also, if you need to, use sticky notes to help you remember your route, especially since Google Maps won’t normally be showing you truck routes.

Keep on driving

Keep driving even when you think you’ve gone too far away from home. Appreciate being on the road and enjoy the places you get to see. Some of the most successful truck drivers don’t even think about what they do as work anymore, they just drive and as if they’re on vacation going to different places. If you stay happy driving your truck, you’ll get to places, literally.
Truck driving is a lucrative career and as long as you have what it takes to always be on the road and ready for whatever challenge comes your way, you’ll reap the benefits of this ever-growing industry.

Setting yourself apart when a College Degree isn’t enough

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Having a College degree doesn’t mean as much as it used to, well at least not to students it seems. There are less college graduates than in recent memory, making a pay gap massive between the post grads and the never grads. Students now days seem to be ill prepared for college. There are some that just don’t have the motivation to attend classes and eventually give up. Of course that isn’t the only reason fewer member of the younger generation are attending. Americans are living well beyond their means on the whole, and the idea of college is daunting to a high school graduate. The cost of post-secondary schooling doesn’t make sense to some kids, they can’t see living day to day without working full time, let alone paying for college on top of it all. The lack of kids attending college is just pushing the gap between rich and poor, making it harder for young people to have a better life than their parents. A new set of stats says that there is a huge pay difference in what a young adult makes with and without a degree. College graduates make a whopping 98% more per hour!

A College degree or an impressive resume doesn’t guarantee you a job any more. In this day and age finding a job is getting tougher and tougher to do. There are so many people without work and a vast majority of them have college degrees making it harder for those without them. Currently the unemployment rate is at 6.3%, the lowest since September 2008. In order to increase their chances of getting a job some people are looking for ways to change their outward appearance. It’s not uncommon for people to start losing weight, restyle their hair and some are looking into tattoo removal. Sure you might think that businesses are open-minded and won’t judge a book by its cover. Or maybe you have seen those ads with full sleeves in and out of the lab coat. Tattoos can cause a potential employer to second guess the kind of work you might do. The expensive and sometimes ‘painful’ process seems like a good idea, for those that are desperate to get a job.

The problem facing the unemployed workforce is that there are many of them that are older and are more likely to face stereotypes. Some believe that older people are less spry and are as inept with new technology. Other potential employers worry that they are too ‘qualified’ for an open position. There may be a decrease in pay and stature from a previous job. The potential employee may not feel they are getting time and pay worth their skills. There is a disconnect between the workforce and hiring employers.

Some of the data can be skewed when looking at unemployment rates; or those that are accepted unemployment benefits. There are some that are not actively searching for employment. They are merely taking the steps to meet the criteria to receive the funds from the government. I hate to be the one to bring it up, but some people are honestly not trying to look for a job. They simply have no intention of finding a job, and plan on milking the system for all its worth. They may not have even had a job prior to the Recession, and therefore are throwing off the data. Like every other thing that can be taken advantage of in this world, someone will and can find a way to abuse the system.


Licensing Our Lives

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Do you ever get sick of being told you need a license for everything? Some days it seems like you can’t walk down a street without needing 3 permits, 4 licenses and a specially signed letter from your mother.

It’s ridiculous, of course. Just another sign of government gone mad, supposedly removing itself from our lives by encroaching ever more on it. Sure, some licensing sounds like a good idea and even about half of that actually is. As a grudging example, I’ll offer you the white card in Australia. Find out more here if you haven’t heard of it before. I mean, I can see some sense here. Construction is hardly an easy job though you still have to wonder what over regulated, nonsense ‘licensing’ the people behind Stonehenge, Westminster Abby and the pyramids went through to produce those monuments that oh, you know, have only been standing for thousands of years. But sure, yeah. I can see a need for making sure the people building things have some kind of quality control on the go. So long as that’s what’s actually happening with the card- and since the resource I linked sets out the expectations for the white card test quite clearly-, I can get behind that.

But then there are RSA refresher courses.RSA stands for responsible service of alcohol, if you didn’t know. This piece of meaningless governmental twazzle is regulating bartenders the same way as construction workers. Because the professions are as dangerous as each other, of course! Don’t get me wrong – the site I’ve linked gives interested parties all the information they need to successfully get this piece of government mandated paper, and I can’t fault that. If you’ve got to have it to work, you have to have it to work and at least there’s a clear site out there to help people navigate this particular sticky government wicket. But c’mon, really? In one sentence we’ll be told they’re not over regulating our lives, and in the other you’ll find this. It’s gotten ridiculous, as with most things.

Since we’re talking licenses, I may as well toss another tit bit in here. Were you aware that the NJ bigwigs are now refusing to allow smiling on licenses? Sure, they can argue that it’s bringing it in line with regulations for passports and more, but just stop and think about that. It’s already done somewhere so that makes it ok? Anyway, how does that make it better? So there are more and more photos out there to enable even more of a database to be built? Facial recognition software loves unsmiling full front portraits, you know. Makes it so much easier to run the scan. But yeah, I’m sure that’s totally not what’s going on here. NJ just wants to make sure we all look recognisable, that’s all. Because, after all, I spend my life going around with a non-blinking, droopy mouthed gormless nature, never smiling, laughing or having fun.

Oh right, yes, that’s just what they would rather you did, isn’t it?

Is Trucking Business For You?

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Is Trucking Business For You?

For those who are contemplating a new career, or thinking about trucking school, one question that you should ask yourself is: “Is Trucking Business For You?” In order for you to decide this, and determine whether or not it is right for you, is to consider what it entails, how long it takes, and the demands that are going to be placed on you as a truck driver.


You must first complete schooling and get your license. This will take at least a few month’s time, and it is not a cheap thing for you to complete. You will not only learn the rules of the road, but also learn how to drive the trucks,and what is required to pass the exams. Depending on the class license you choose to get, there are also different things that may be required of you as well.

Work load

Early on as a trucker, you are going to be on the road more often and will not have your choice of schedule either. You will work longer hours, you will travel further from home, and you will have to work on the drop offs and pick ups the more experienced drivers do not want to do.


You also have to consider how long and often you are on the road. If you are a person who likes to be at home, or if you have a family that you have to tend to, and need to be with often, then trucking may not be the right career for you. If you enjoy driving, and do not have many worries at home, then this might be a good choice for you to consider when you are deciding on the career choice.


You will be compensated well in this field, and the longer you work with a particular company, the more you can expect to make. But, early on, you have to be contempt with making about $35,000, so you have to consider this when you are going in to the field. If you want to put in several years of work, and if you are willing to work for some time in this field, not only will your pay wages go up, but you are also going to receive more benefits from the company that you work for as well, over the years.

The most important factor to consider is if you like driving, if you like being on the road, and if you can be away from home for several days, even weeks at a time. Since you can’t control your schedule sometimes, you have to keep this in mind as you are deciding if this is a field you are going to enjoy working in. With several aspects that are not in your control, these are a few of the things to keep in mind and to consider, as you are deciding whether or not this is the field for you, and whether or not it is a career you will enjoy.

Dieticians: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

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While more and more people these days have decided to join the healthy living bandwagon, there's no denying that a great many are still struggling with their weight and unhealthy lifestyle. I'm sure you've heard all sorts of advice from friends and family members on how you can "easily" change the way you eat and live. Thing is though, this is easier said than done. Especially if you've been living the way you do for more than a decade. Fact of the matter is, habits are hard to break. Sometimes, you just need a professional to help you start living and eating healthy. This is why the demand for dieticians these days is at its highest.

What is a Dietician?

A dietician is a licensed professional who specializes in everything related to food and nutrition. They do not however, makeup workout or exercise routines. Rather, they focus on planning the right type of diet for their patients. Dieticians can work in a variety of industries like the restaurant business, pharmaceuticals, sports, and of course, the medical field.

How Does One Become a Dietician?

Formal schooling is needed to become a dietician. First, you would need to take up an undergraduate course related to dietics or food technology. Next, you would need to acquire a Master's degree in Nutrition and Dietics. Lastly, you would need to attend seminars and conferences related to your field so that you are updated in the latest diet plans.

How Important are Dieticians?

Dieticians are very important in ensuring that a person is living a healthy life. You see, being slim and lean does not necessarily mean you are healthy. For all you know, you could actually be malnourished.

Not all diet plans work for every type of person. Let's talk about the latest diet fad – the HCG diet. The HCG diet is a regimen that involves the intake of HCG pellets or receiving HCG injection shots. Aside from this, you would also need to follow an HCG diet food plan list which involves consuming only 500 calories a day. Let's be honest, even a healthy person would have trouble sticking to 500 calories a day. What more if you were overweight or obese? It's close to impossible. On top of that, sudden restriction of caloric intake can bring about a plethora of complication for someone who is not used to such a restrictive diet.

If you work with a dietician, he or she will custom design a diet plan that will not only work but also eliminate the risk of complications arising because of sudden weight loss.

Thinking of Becoming a Dietician?

If you are considering a career as a dietician, make sure to get the required schooling and licenses so you can be qualified to practice. You can make use of the internet to research schools that offer courses related to dietics. Of course, it is also important that you also take care of your own health if you want to get into this field. It won't look very convincing when you're discussing diet options with your clients but you yourself look unhealthy. 

Life in the Review Lane

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There's one thing humans always have and need – an opinion. Whether it's about traveling to a specific locale, or what color socks to put on in the morning, one of the many ways our marvelous brains process and handle the information they’re fed constantly is by allowing opinions to guide it in the decision making process.

It's an important part of life, the forming and voicing out opinions. Of course, we all know that one bigot who spout's is there at every opportunity while the rest of us groan; and we also know that there are a few people out there whose opinions are worth rather less than the oxygen they waste pontificating on them. However, opinions are an important part of navigating daily life. How often do we buy a product or use a service provider because someone we love and trust recommended them? Exactly.

It's possible in this day and age to take that human need for opinion and turn it into a career. Are you in the market for the best steam mop? Click on through this link, and you'll have a perfect example of what I mean. Let's face it, there's only so much one brain can do. There's only so much mental run time we can focus on making a decision. That's why we reach out to others- especially those with access to the inside knowledge and advice we need to help us make the best decision possible. So it's almost natural that a host of businesses have sprung up dedicated to assembling the information we need. Want reviews on individual products to help you make your decision? Need to know if a brand has the features you require? Want top tips on getting the perfect deal? Do you need to know not only what the best vacuum is, but what specific brand is the best vacuum for pet hair as opposed to other types of dirt? Review sites like the two great examples I've linked are just the tip of the iceberg in the market for being paid to be a professional opinion giver.

After all, it's a long standing concept. While today online business pages may give you the information you require on any product you can dream of, the concept's been around since way before the internet. Why do you think the good folks at Michelin can make a living telling us where the best places to eat are? Have you noticed the columns in magazines worldwide offering independent book reviews? And, of course, let's not forget the film and theater critic, an institution that's been around as long as the films in question.

It's an old one, but the fact still remains that one of the best ways to make a business a success is to fulfill a need and the art and business of reviewing does exactly that. It's actually possible to make a fully fledged, formal career in the review industry- hotels, films, theater, books and more- or to take the concept into your specific niche and make online business success out of it.

Eliminate Unemployment With a Career in Medical Billing

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Everyone knows that the job market has been on the rocks for quite some time. Unfortunately, we’re still in a period of slow job growth, and some market remain in stagnation. Unemployment rates are finally lower than they have been in five years, but they are still much higher than they would be in a thriving economy. It can be hard to navigate the job market looking for the right job, especially when you’ve been laid off before in different industries. How can you be sure that the next job you take is going to provide you with the security you need to provide for you and your family? You obviously don’t want to be “let go” again because of slow growth or company budget cuts. Losing your job is disheartening and can lead to intense stress in your personal life.

It may interest you to know that while a large number of job markets go up and down with the economy, there are also some that, by their very nature, are buffered against such dips. Sure they are not completely without stories of downsizing or layoffs, but such stories are much more rare. These industries offer job security that is hard to find anywhere else. One such industry is the medical field. No matter how low the economy sinks, the demand for medical care continues to rise. In fact, some studies suggest that the need for medical care actually rises more rapidly during times of economic downturn. Either way, if you are looking for a stable career path that will pay the bills for many years to come, you may want to consider a healthcare related job.

When most people think of a medical job, they automatically think of a healthcare practitioner. A picture of doctors, nurses or dentists most likely pops into their heads. What they fail to recognize is that a large number of workers in the medical field have not gone to medical school. In fact, a huge percentage of healthcare jobs are administrative and require no medical training. Codingandbillingcareer.org estimates that there will be a 15% increase in the medical billing job force in 2 years. Coding is one of the few professional careers that doesn’t require a ton of schooling. If you already have completed some college coursework, then chances are you will only need 6 – 8 more classes in order to qualify to take the certification exams which enable you to be licensed.

Remember that, as with anything else, the early bird gets the worm. In two years when the boom hits, those who are educationally prepared will be the ones enjoying the benefits. On top of that, those who are already in the job field by that time will be more likely to enjoy promotions as there will be a greater need for employees to manage the incoming new hires. If that isn’t enough, this next piece of information might help to tip the scale. There is most likely a college or university near you that offers an online training program for coders and billers. This means that you can do your schooling via the internet during your free time. You can work or tend to any other responsibilities which are a priority, while taking steps to ensure a more financially stable future in your downtime.

Be A Star At Your Job

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Every year, millions of students embark upon their freshman year of college. Many do so because that is what they feel they are expected to do.  Some attend school under the guise of having an “undeclared major.” Yet often times having an undeclared major is a sign of being afraid to be honest with one’s self.

When we were young, we all knew what we wanted to do. If you ask a child now what they want to be when they grow up, more likely than not, they will tell you emphatically what their dream job is. They won’t even need to pause to think about it. For most of us, our parents and our favorite teachers told us that we could be anything that we wanted. We believed them, at least for a while. However, as we grew older we started to learn about limitations and probability. Our dream jobs, which had felt like predestined callings, fell out of reach in our eyes. We were taught to play it safe and to follow the money.

We recently heard a story of a now successful astronomy professor who dreamt of being an astronaut as a child. He was one of the few who never “gave up” on his dream. To him, it always felt like understanding the science of the universe came naturally. He found himself spending his free time looking for any information he could find about space. He even saved up every penny for a few years and purchased a beginner’s telescope. As he grew older his passion also grew. While in college, he researched just what it took to become an astronaut. He discovered exactly what is was going to take and decided that it conflicted with some of his other life goals. Instead of settling for another career path unrelated to his passion, like many of us have done, he decided that he wanted to be an astronomer instead. It was a more achievable goal for him, but would still allow him to do what he loved every day. This professor now has the opportunity to talk to students all day about a subject that he is passionate about. He has also been instrumental in discovering new stars and planets. He now cannot imagine having a better career.

That is the real key to “success.” There are people who have jobs they don’t love, but make a lot of money in the process. At the end of the day, such individuals are left feeling unfulfilled. Money isn’t everything. The true secret of having a successful career is to do what you love. Stick to your passions, and choose a career path that fits in line with them. Allow yourself the freedom to modify your “dream job” as you get older to be more realistic, but don’t permanently settle for something that you don’t enjoy doing. Those who love their jobs are many times more efficient in their production. They also have the satisfaction of feeling like their job isn’t “work.” Wouldn’t that be nice to say?


Career Building Kids

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Summer is here, school is out and many of us have kids looking for something to keep them busy during their vacation. Why not get them started working for themselves now? There is nothing more rewarding than working for yourself and being successful at it. We should all strive to teach our children this at a young age. I know of more than a few people who have extremely successful careers now, simply because they took the initiative when they were younger to start working for themselves. Pet sitters and dog walkers from my youth now have their own doggy day cares, pet boutiques, and even veterinarian offices. Kids I knew growing up who shoveled driveways run their own plowing business. And let’s not forget the brothers I graduated with who mowed lawns all summer and now have a very successful landscaping business with four offices and thirty employees.

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids motivated and thinking about their careers at an early age you may want to use these examples. Not only will they be prepping themselves for a success later in life they will also be learning. No one says education has to stop while school is out. So, grab the kids and sit them down in front of a computer with a task. Find out what tools they will need to start a lawn mowing business in your area. Recommend that they take a look here for the best reel mower to do the job and keep fuel expenses down. Make some fliers and get them out side visiting friends and neighbors who may be interested in their services. Take fliers to the senior center, hang it at the library or other community boards in your area and show them how easy it is to make a name for themselves with just a little direction. This will work with any area the kids decide the might want to start working. You can do the same for pet sitting or dog walking services as well. The possibilities are endless.

Before long you’ll find the money rolling in, now is the time to teach them about investing in their new business. Buying leashes for dog walking, expanding into dog washing services or looking into business cards would be a great next step for a pet sitter. Now would be the time to teach things such as making a niche for yourself and doing something the others don’t do. For the lawnmowers in your life they may want to advertise that they are eco-friendly. They have been using reel mowers all this time, they don’t use any fuel. But the jobs are getting bigger they need to be done faster. Have them take a look at electric lawn mower reviews here to plan for this investment.

It’s never too late to get the kids started thinking about the future. Preparing them for a career down the road, be it working for someone else or going into business for themselves is an essential part of being a parent. Take advantage of the summer days when all they want to do is sit in front of computer games or televisions to prep them for these crucial days.